Lotus Garden Guru Yoga Weekend Program

Guru Rinpoche

The Lotus Garden Guru Yoga Online Practice and study Weekend led by Lopön Jann Jackson begins tonight.  This program is open to all students interested in learning about Guru Yoga practice.  The program begins Friday July 9th at 6:30 PM Eastern Time (U.S.) and concludes in the afternoon of Sunday, July 11th.  The program is a full weekend of study and practice and there will be question and answer sessions in addition to teachings and practice sessions.  The schedule will be made available to students upon registration.

Through this weekend of practice and study, Lopön Jann will guide students in understanding the meaning and essential role of devotion on the path of realization.  Based on Minling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche’s profound teachings on the Downpour of Blessings, Lopön Jann will review the life of Padmasambhava and the meaning of the four offerings and the four abhishekas. Through this skillful means devotion can lead to irreversible confidence in one’s primordial nature.

The essence of all dharma practice is guru yoga and as it is said in the Nectar Spring Tantra, “Compared with meditation on a hundred thousand deities, Meditation on the one and only Guru is supreme.”  Furthermore, the incomparable Guru Rinpoche himself has said:

“For me, in truth, there is no going and no coming.  You meet me when your karma and your obscurations both are cleansed. According to the prayers and relative perceptions of the ones whom I might train, I am indeed residing in the land of rakshasas.  And yet because the stream of my compassion is unbroken, I am present constantly to those with faith in me.”

The program will be held live over zoom in English and recordings will be available on the Dharmashri Online Portal.

Registration for this program is now closed.